THE DOG DIET could be the last diet you ever go on...
you might just be like I's not what you're eating...but what's eating you.
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January 2014

Patt has been nominated for two Maxwell Awards by the Dog Writers Association of America. Read the nominated articles:

Rescuing Rambo

Sea Birds and Ex-Dogs

Watch for Patti’s blogs for Hills’ Pet Nutrition Beginning September 1, 2013 on her Pet City Blog for the Charleston Daily Mail and here on her website Blog Page. ill's Ideal Balance

February 2012
Patti's article "She Waits" wins the AKC Responsible Pet Citizenship Award at the DWAA Banquet in New York City. The article also won a prestigious Maxwell Award for the Best Single Internet Blog!

January 2012
Patti has been nominated for three awards in the Dog Writers Association of America writing contest. Winners will be announced in February.

January 2010
Patti has been nominated for the AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Public Service Award by the Dog Writers Association of America for her article in DogSport Magazine. The winner will be announced at the Association's annual banquet, February 14, 2010 in New York City.

In Case of Fire Don't Forget The Dog

      I was in a quaint gift shop shortly after my dog Sadie agreed to come live with me and spotted a bright reflective sticker that said: IN CASE OF FIRE…PLEASE RESCUE DOG. I bought it only it because I was smitten with my little pooch and I bought all things dog. I never thought I’d actually need it. Sadie was a four-legged smoke alarm…jumping on me each time I forgot and left eggs boiling on the stove until they exploded. Then one bone-chilling Saturday in January…the second night in our new house…we found ourselves in a state of dreadful fear, panic and confusion in the midst of a very real nightmare…a house fire.... continued

Sadie looks for a doglicious snack on the deck of her new home!

Patti Lawson has a brand new book filled with humor, bittersweet stories of pets loved and lost, and most of all hope that when human partners decide to part ways they could learn a lot from their pets.

Splitting The Hairs

What Happens to Rover When the Marriage is Over?
And Other Doggone Legal Dilemmas!

A guide for canine's who get lost in the court system!

If there’s anything worse than a knock-down-drag-out divorce, it’s an even bitterer and often cruel custody battle. Divorce cases end, custody battles continue for what seems forever, with the parties dragged back to court endlessly and the attorney’s fees becoming astronomical. But even after the last billable hour is paid for, the emotional devastation from custody battles often last a lifetime.  Take for example the couple in San Francisco who despite their best efforts, could not agree on custody of Gigi.

Each parent prepared their case with precision and the total bill for the dispute tallied up to a whopping $150,000.00. The Judge eventually awarded custody to one parent, and his decision was made easier by a videotape of a “Day in the Life”…a standard litigation tool lawyers use…which showed Gigi going about her normal day at the home the tape purported she would prefer to live in. This tape and the testimony of a behaviorist clinched the custody victory for the lucky parent…an animal behaviorist that is…Gigi is a dog.

In courts across the country, judges in divorce cases are being asked to veer from the standard property designation of animals and award the contested pet to the best human parent.  More and more couples are waiting longer to have children or opting not to have them at all…thus the family pet becomes the “fur child” and is subject to the same custody battles that have raged over children for decades.

But custody isn’t the only doggone dilemma dogs face these days! Canines are having their day in court for more reasons that you can count in dog years! What if Mr. Landlord evicts you because you have a dog? Is it true that every dog gets one free bite….before you get sued? And when should you sue a vet for malpractice or a breeder for misrepresentation? What happens if your precious pet runs afoul of the laws in your town? What public places do you and Rover have legal rights to enjoy?

WHAT HAPPENS TO ROVER explores the legal issues that dog pet owners for these and numerous other issues today. It’s full of true stories and lots of guidance given with humor to keep your canine from becoming criminal and other legal repercussions most pet owners don’t give a second thought to. ROVER is the quintessential legal guide for canines and their human companions when it comes to laws governing our four-legged pals.

February 11, 2007

Dog Writers Association of AmericaThe Dog Diet Wins!

Sadie and Patti are THRILLED to win the Maxwell Award to the Dog Humor Book of the Year from the Dog Writer's Association of America! Patti received the medal in NYC on February 11 at a banquet the night before the start of the Westminster Show.

DWAA Award Winnder
Sadie showing off Patti's Dog Writers Association of America Medal


Dog Writers Association of AmericaThe Dog Writers Association of America recently announced the finalists in their writing competition for 2006. Two Charleston women are nominees for awards in their respective categories. Patti Lawson's book The Dog Diet: a Memoir (Health Communications, Inc.) is nominated for the Dog Humor Book Award and Deborah Linz, a popular anchor at WCHS TV 8 is a nominee in the Broadcast Journalism Category for her news story on "Dangers of Dog Chaining." (Aired July 18, 2006) Ms. Lawson was also a nominee in 2005 for her column Dogs...Diets...Dating that appears in the Charleston Gazette.

Nominees are from all over the nation in many different venues including newspapers, magazines, videotape, graphic art, poetry, internet, club publications, and books. Additionally many special awards are given out by the American Kennel Club, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Humane Society of the United States, and many others.

The Dog Writers Association of America was established in 1935 during the Westminster Kennel Show. It has become an annual tradition for the organization and its members to meet the weekend prior to the Westminster Show. All nominees will be honored on Sunday night, February 11, 2007, in New York City and the winners will be announced at the banquet that evening.

April 21, 2006
Outside NBC30 Studio in Hartford after TV appearance

December 2005

Patti has been named a finalist in the Dog Writers Association of America 2005 Writing Competition in the Newspaper Category for her article  "Where The Rooster Roosted."

The DWAA is best known for annual writing competition, which is meant to encourage quality writing about dogs in all aspects of companionship plus the dog sport. The awards are presented the night before the Westminster Dog Show in New York City. Patti will be there February 12, 2006 NYC

Sadie and her gift basketOther News

Patti spoke at the TAILS OF JOY fundraiser in Coventry, CT in May 2005 and Sadie received a lovely gift basket. This organization is wonderful and provides services to people with their therapy dogs.



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The Dog Diet ~ A Memoir by Patti Lawson
What My Dog Taught Me About Shedding Pounds, Licking Stress and Getting a New Leash on Life
The Dog Diet at HCI
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